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Through its year-round programs, Sunu Thiossane makes a 12+ year commitment to its participants, providing them with the platform and underlying infrastructure to empower themselves and strengthen their communities.



Our arts education program (with our partner schools and the arts cultural center) takes place after school and on Saturdays. At Sunu Thiossane, our goal is to develop students into creative and imaginative individuals who appreciate the arts and have the basic knowledge and skills to participate in the arts, as well as to prepare them for further study in the art form(s) of their choice. The value of arts education goes beyond this as it has been shown to assist students in their personal, social and academic development. Involvement in the arts is associated with gains in math, reading, cognitive ability, critical and creative thinking, and verbal and non-verbal skills. Learning the arts also improves motivation, focus, confidence and teamwork.


English Immersion is a 4-week summer camp in DAKAR, Senegal. The program runs throughout the month of August and runs from 9:00am to 3:30pm. Students learn English and character building in addition to arts and sports.Our program offers rigorous workshop-style classes that focus on developing technique and creating original work. The foundation of the students' work will be centered on various social issues and will culminate in a culminating, collaborative performance.English Language Arts - In addition to our camp immersion, where all classes are taught in English, all enrolled participants take an English language arts class. Participants are divided by grade level and review written and spoken English, with an emphasis on syntax and grammar. By the end of the summer, students will be able to talk about themselves and their families, their goals and aspirations.

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The Cultural Exchange program was developed to bridge the gap between youth in the United States and Africa. The goal of this program is to enable our youth to connect and learn from each other through a platform of events, networking, English Immersion, educational and recreational activities that encourage youth from both continents to develop and learn about other cultures and improve their opportunities for success. By partnering with other youth organizations, Universities, and community-based organizations in the U.S. and Africa, our mission is to implement exciting cross cultural learning experiences to enhance their social and personal development through international programs. Together with our instructors, volunteers and. communities, we promote global solidarity, social justice, gender equality, peace, and environmental sustainability.


We also facilitate college and career readiness by helping students gain college admission, scholarships, and financial support to afford college, and knowledge of job opportunities within in-demand sectors, particularly for STEAM (Science, Technology,Engineering, Arts, Mathematics) careers. Preparing our students for the academic and social challenges they will encounter in high school, college, and beyond is the foundation our College Access program. We provide our future international students and families with, critical tools, academic advisement, specialized test preparation, guidance through the entire college application process, workshops on interviewing skills, financial literacy, college tours in the U.S (Through our cultural exchange trips and

social-emotional counseling. These activities help students and families attain their goals. Parent

engagement workshops are designed to support both the development and personal growth of their children academically and emotionally.

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