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About Us

The essence of our vibrant culture is rooted in the fabric of the Senegalese people and our history. Sunu Thiossane (pronounced Soo-noo Cho-Sahn) is a term derived from the Wolof language that means "Our roots and heritage".

We are a comprehensive youth development organization that aims to provide high calibre, interdisciplinary artistic and educational training to youth. We are committed to making a 12-year commitment to children from underserved communities in Senegal and The Gambia.

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Through English immersion, character education and arts education programs, Sunu Thiossane empowers children to make ethical and healthy decisions, become engaged citizens, and succeed in school, career and life. Our mission is to cultivate the minds of the youth of the African Diaspora through education, character building, the arts and sciences. We encourage our students to embrace their roots and heritage by becoming prolific leaders for their communities and the world. The organization has been in existence for 10 years and we are constantly improving our development techniques to provide invaluable skills. development techniques to provide invaluable skills that build the youth of tomorrow. We offer a diverse team of educators who facilitate English immersion and cultural arts programs for inner city youth in Dakar. Cultural arts programs for inner city youth in Dakar, other regions of Senegal, The Gambia and the diaspora. What started as a summer camp has grown into a full year-round youth development organization.

Our Lecturers
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