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"Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success"

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Sunu Thiossane (pronounced Soo-noo Cho-Sahn) was founded in 2011. As an arts and academic enrichment youth development agency based in Dakar, Senegal, our mission is to provide high caliber arts training to young people across and within various disciplines while providing the necessary tools to build community awareness and empowerment. Sunu Thiossane envisions a world where all young folks have equitable access to the arts. As an organization, we cater specifically to the demographic and ethnic backgrounds of our participants. Our program has been around for 8 years now and we are constantly using development techniques to provide skill sets to our youth. We use our diverse staff, artists, educators, administrators and social workers, to facilitate an inspiring cultural arts program to the inner city youth of Dakar. Our purpose is to empower our participants to embrace their own culture through the arts and science. Only then, will they be able to refine their skills and to benefit their community nationally and internationally.

Our participants, known as ST Members, progress through twelve years of developmentally appropriate programs. Partner schools and community-based organizations refer children who need intervention and long-term support from Sunu Thiossane. The goal for our participants is to develop the interpersonal, educational, and professional skills that will equip them and their families for greater success and achievement.

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Children need to develop as members of groups, as members of a student body, as residents of a community, and as citizens of the world. Building a strong foundation: The foundation of Xam Sa Bopp and Geum so Bopp involves establishing a sense of self-worth. Once children believe that they are important people and are deserving of success in life, we delve into deeper character cultivation and skill- building. ST members are continuously encouraged to try new things and take healthy risks. Children and their parents become familiar with the language and norms that make up Sunu Thiossane culture and they begin to visualize a path to success for themselves.

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"Ever since he joined the program, Mamadou has been so expressive and aware of himself. We are truly happy with this program !

Mrs Ndiaye, Mother of Mamadou

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