Sunu Thiossane is a Term deriving from the Wolof Dialect (spoken in Senegal West Africa) meaning "Our Roots"​.Sunu Thiossane is a New York- City based youth-development arts agency, started in 2011.Our mission is to inspire youth to tap into their creative talents, empathy and self expression which serves as liaison that can help identify topics such as culture, tradition, and society. The program is designed to introduce participants to high caliber, intensive training through several arts discipline with practicing professionals whom are not only dedicated to their craft but, to teaching, mentorship and training of young people.


Sunu Thiossane unapologetically believes in the power of young people and their voices as tools for social innovation and changing the world. We are a youth development agency that utilizes the arts and sciences as a platform to connect with young people and have them engage in socially-conscious projects and programming that will incite creativity and self-expression, inspire compassion and empathy.Sunu Thiossane is successful because our mission is to inspire the youth to become lifelong learners and responsible global citizens in a rapidly changing world. Through this philosophy we are able to retain our staff and students and still make it a family orientated program.


What makes Sunu Thiossane unique is that the organization caters specifically to the demographic and ethnic backgrounds of their participants. Though it is a startup program that has been around for 2 years we are still new to the youth development community in New York City. This past summer, we were given the opportunity to travel to West Africa, Senegal to facilitate a cultural arts program to the inner city youth of Dakar. Our goal is to empower participants to embrace their own culture through the arts and science so that they will be able to refine their skills and to benefit their community nationally and internationally.

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Sunu Thiossane meaning "Our Roots" is a New York City based youth-development arts agency, started in 2011.

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