“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.”


Sunu Thiossane is a term deriving from the Wolof dialect, meaning ‘our roots and heritage. Sunu Thiossane (pronounced Soo-noo Cho-Sahn) which is based in New York City is an arts and academic enrichment-based youth  development agency started in 2012. The organization provides high caliber arts training to young people across and within various disciplines. Participants are mentored by accomplished and successful artists who have the interest on helping hone their natural talents. It is a cultural arts and academic enrichment for youth, ages 5-18 that provides training in English, science, dance, music, and theater, with a focus in the African Diaspora.


Arts in Education: Our Arts-In-Education Program was launched this past fall at Metropolitan Corporate Academy High School for the day and after-school programs. The High School program has a strong emphasis on community and civic engagement through Performing Arts. What makes Sunu Thiossane unique is that the organization caters specifically to the demographic and ethnic backgrounds of their participants. Though it is a startup program that has been round for 2 years we are still new to the youth development community in New York City. This past summer, we were given the opportunity to travel to West Africa, Senegal to facilitate a cultural arts program to the inner city youth of Dakar 


Sunu Thiossane Inc. mission is to inspire youth to tap into their creative talents, empathy and self-expression through the sciences, performing and studio arts, which serve as a liaison that can help identify relevant topics such as culture,  tradition, and society. This program will inspire students to become lifelong learners and responsible global citizens in a rapidly changing world. The program is designed to introduce participants to high caliber, intensive training through several arts discipline with practicing professionals whom are not only dedicated to their craft but, to teaching, mentorship and training of young people.